Do you Believe in the Magic Website?




When we get a chance to see some really good magic, as I did on ‘America’s Got Talent’, I was awed by the ability of the magician to fool me and to get the audience to follow along and take a trip with him as he leads us to the magical revelation. He makes it look so easy and seamless.

Easy and seamless is what we all strive for in our business. In the magician’s case, it’s his job to tell us a story as we are lead to the tricks conclusion. And his reward is a rousing round of applause. If he did his job right we don’t even see it coming, easy and seamless.

If we are successful we too get applause through the clients repeat business as long as we maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Like the magician, we know that there is a lot that takes place behind the scene to make it look so easy and seamless. Often long hours of planning, testing, rework and more testing takes place before our website is ready for our audience. The real magic is in the preparation leading to the culmination of the effort.

Like the magician, we have to view the process through the viewpoint of the receiver in our case our prospective clients to know if it’s going to work. When we design our business web sites we must be like the magician and take in consideration how it will function, visually and technically for our audience it must appear easy and seamless, just like magic.

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