Asking for Help is no Sin

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Asking for Help is no sin

I am writing a series of blogs that I hope will help you in your sartup.

I am not from a rich or connected family, I am not a Silicon Valley guy, it seems like every other one in the business magazines is one or the other. I am a guy who has had to work for what he gets, learn often the hard way how to do things and is not use to asking for help from anyone.

I think this gives me the credential to advise you on asking for help even while your stomach is in knots about it.

If there is anything I hate worse than asking for help it is failing. By this I mean not trying everything to help my chances of achieving what I set out to do.

So here I am at a personal crossroads. I am building a business that I believe it in. But, one that is draining me financially, emotionally and makes me doubt my decisions on a daily basis. It is this angst that often causes us to question ourselves or worse, to quit.

Since quitting is not option .I know I need more help than I have to give to myself. I need HELP.

I need to have someone(s) to ask questions and get real answers, which is ironic since I am building a site that provides answers for people like me who need help. Is that irony?

You too might feel hesitant to ask, don’t. The only way to succeed doing something you have not done before before is to ask people who know more than you. I know you will be surprised that they are willing to take time out to help. Those that don’t you need not worry about.

Now suck it up and make that request. I will too.

Richard Krigel

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