Tech startups are not just for the younger nerds anymore

Rick’s first blog
Tech startups are not just for the younger nerds anymore
This sound familiar? Don’t do it, what do know about technology, you’re too old to start over, the future is uncertain, yep heard them all.
At a time when my peers are struggling with their futures, mine is focused, clear and directed at creating a business that has all the pluses, some of the minuses, but mostly pluses of a contribution of my previous life business experiences.
Having the benefit of experience hindsight, this rear view mirror lets me see better what I do and don’t want this company to do for me and others.
This tech business is new to me, a new language, and a new way of marketing, a new way of using both my creative and business senses. However something does remain the same.
A business is still people. Only a tech business is about a lot of people, how to reach them, understand what and how to make my product something that will be useful, powerful, purposeful, fun, and flexible in an ever changing marketplace. I think I have done this. Oh yes, I wanted it to be profitable for myself and my investors.
I read with wonder the many contributions from people in so many areas and cultures. Each one dreaming and expressing themselves, just like me, in a way that is accessible and possible regardless of economic or social standing or age, a world of the new entrepreneurs.
So what is my strength? What do I bring to the table that will see me through? In a word it’s Determination. Yes I know we all read that one must persevere and have unwavering determination, especially when you’re bootstrapping; I have to laugh when I read about these” entrepreneurs” that are getting $600k from Dad to get started. Not exactly a determination moment.
But, unless you have it, learn to develop it, or learn how to get it, real entrepreneurship will be elusive. I know I got mine from an older brother who told me that I was never going to be much. This was my motivation for a long time and I was able to pretty well going at just 70% speed.
So I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish going 100%, regardless of the age number a young and inquisitive mind always is open to new adventures. This is mine.
As the expression goes, your future is now. Enjoy your ride, buckle in.It can and will get bumpy, hang in there. Best of Luck

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