Do you Believe in the Magic Website?




When we get a chance to see some really good magic, as I did on ‘America’s Got Talent’, I was awed by the ability of the magician to fool me and to get the audience to follow along and take a trip with him as he leads us to the magical revelation. He makes it look so easy and seamless.

Easy and seamless is what we all strive for in our business. In the magician’s case, it’s his job to tell us a story as we are lead to the tricks conclusion. And his reward is a rousing round of applause. If he did his job right we don’t even see it coming, easy and seamless.

If we are successful we too get applause through the clients repeat business as long as we maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Like the magician, we know that there is a lot that takes place behind the scene to make it look so easy and seamless. Often long hours of planning, testing, rework and more testing takes place before our website is ready for our audience. The real magic is in the preparation leading to the culmination of the effort.

Like the magician, we have to view the process through the viewpoint of the receiver in our case our prospective clients to know if it’s going to work. When we design our business web sites we must be like the magician and take in consideration how it will function, visually and technically for our audience it must appear easy and seamless, just like magic.

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We start again

It’s been some time since starting Face2FaceExperts and I believe that while the idea stayed strong within me that the timing was off.

But I am back to finish what I started .To create a place for everyday people to get help, advice, a  non judgemental ear,or just to get to know a person before you feel you could hire them.

I know this concept has been tried and given up before  by no other than Google itself.

I believe that they really had no commitment to the idea and to how it could serve the public and still be a successful business.I think I do.

So the process has begun again.This time to infinity and beyond

As always your comments are most appreciated.Richard


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Stay the Course.

Rick’s blog

Staying the course. Some real talk.

How many times have I read or heard articles, talking heads, commenters talk about how you should stay the course, keep at it, power through.

How many of these same people have ever started a business in one of the worse economies in a terrible business climate with little help from banks, or your government or these same talking heads.

Well it’s hard ,damn hard, every day. It’s a grind getting you motivated to keep trying, to ask family and friends for help when they themselves may need it.But, more than all that more than those needs are the need to keep yourself motivated. Man, it is difficult sometimes to keep the pushing, keep the grinding forward telling you that it will all work out that the effort will be worth the struggle.

Now you have to have a real good conversation worth yourself on a regular basis to reflect on where you are at, where you are going and how to get there. Quite frankly, if you are not seeking guidance and help from groups like SCORE or friends who may have overcome your struggles or even failed than you are a fool.

It is not a weakness to reach out; it is a test of your commitment. Recognize your willingness to overcome your hesitations, self-doubt, and your ego to get where you want to go. There is no shame in asking for help. You wouldn’t sail a ship without the right equipment to get you out on the sea and back home. Starting a business is the same good help and resources will help you stay the course

Best of luck, and luck is making and seeing the opportunities, and acting on them.Rick

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Why Become an Expert?

Why become an Expert.

The better question is ,why not become an expert on

The internet is an organic thing .It moves, evolves, changes, adapts and matures.

Those who are first to recognize the next wave of online technological advancement are the ones to be rewarded. Webcam technology is not new by any means. However, with the advent of 4g bandwidth the use of live webcam in everyday business is now a reality.

What this means is business people, professional, experts in their chosen fields who adapt to the changing of the internet are the first to reap its rewards

Every business needs innovators and those who spot and adapt innovation that can and will benefit them. Why wouldn’t you want to be part of making your business better? If you are a person representing yourself or your business I invite you to be an innovation adapter. Our webcam platform is the evolution of online communication. We did not invent this wheel we just found a better, practical and beneficial use for live webcam technology.

Anyone who is in any type of business from contractor to attorney needs to stay relevant and embrace change that is beneficial to their bottom line and to their clients.

It’s all about marketing for our experts. We have an amazing social media and p/r program to launch Face2face with a bang.

All our experts receive these promotional activates at no cost to them. And they get to reap the awards.

The environment is tough out here, a lot of competition/little time to spend attending your core business and then having to go out and get new business.

We make it easier for you to be successful. If you win, we win, and the client wins too.

But don’t do this for me do it for yourself. Be a leader in the green movement let your client know that you care about their time, money, life. Tell them that you want to make yourself available to them at their convenience and that you are all about customer service. You will in other words make a house call to them through the Face2face webcam platform.

Advertise yourself as being a ‘Green Business’. Make them aware you are helping to save on their expense for fuel, wear and tear on your client’s vehicle their family time and their work time.

This is an exciting time to separate you from everyone else.

Being an Expert on is an opportunity to be part of the change toward showing the client number they are number one. And it increase’s your marketing reach from local to national and international.

This all translates to more business and more money for you.

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Asking for Help is no Sin

Rick’s blog

Asking for Help is no sin

I am writing a series of blogs that I hope will help you in your sartup.

I am not from a rich or connected family, I am not a Silicon Valley guy, it seems like every other one in the business magazines is one or the other. I am a guy who has had to work for what he gets, learn often the hard way how to do things and is not use to asking for help from anyone.

I think this gives me the credential to advise you on asking for help even while your stomach is in knots about it.

If there is anything I hate worse than asking for help it is failing. By this I mean not trying everything to help my chances of achieving what I set out to do.

So here I am at a personal crossroads. I am building a business that I believe it in. But, one that is draining me financially, emotionally and makes me doubt my decisions on a daily basis. It is this angst that often causes us to question ourselves or worse, to quit.

Since quitting is not option .I know I need more help than I have to give to myself. I need HELP.

I need to have someone(s) to ask questions and get real answers, which is ironic since I am building a site that provides answers for people like me who need help. Is that irony?

You too might feel hesitant to ask, don’t. The only way to succeed doing something you have not done before before is to ask people who know more than you. I know you will be surprised that they are willing to take time out to help. Those that don’t you need not worry about.

Now suck it up and make that request. I will too.

Richard Krigel

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I have decided that it might be a good idea to invite the users of face2faceexperts to ask me questions about online business, starting a new idea, marketing, and the expert’s field in general. I am  an expert on  experts but if you need real nitty gritty advice on other subjects I defer to the qualified experts here on f2fe.

However, I am willing to share what I do know with you if it makes your journey a little easier or reduces your anxiety about your business.

I invite your general comment and questions and discussion points on the real world of a startup.

As we go along and I acquire new information I will be happy to share it with you.

I will also make my staff available if called upon.

And I will make myself an expert on my own site, may I do that? Yes you may. Ha-ha.

So I will see you here as a blog social or on the site.

p.s. as a webcam expert I will have a small fee. All money collected will be donated to either a children’s cancer support fund or Women in Distress organization.

Hope you enjoy the site. Richard Krigel, founder

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Tech startups are not just for the younger nerds anymore

Rick’s first blog
Tech startups are not just for the younger nerds anymore
This sound familiar? Don’t do it, what do know about technology, you’re too old to start over, the future is uncertain, yep heard them all.
At a time when my peers are struggling with their futures, mine is focused, clear and directed at creating a business that has all the pluses, some of the minuses, but mostly pluses of a contribution of my previous life business experiences.
Having the benefit of experience hindsight, this rear view mirror lets me see better what I do and don’t want this company to do for me and others.
This tech business is new to me, a new language, and a new way of marketing, a new way of using both my creative and business senses. However something does remain the same.
A business is still people. Only a tech business is about a lot of people, how to reach them, understand what and how to make my product something that will be useful, powerful, purposeful, fun, and flexible in an ever changing marketplace. I think I have done this. Oh yes, I wanted it to be profitable for myself and my investors.
I read with wonder the many contributions from people in so many areas and cultures. Each one dreaming and expressing themselves, just like me, in a way that is accessible and possible regardless of economic or social standing or age, a world of the new entrepreneurs.
So what is my strength? What do I bring to the table that will see me through? In a word it’s Determination. Yes I know we all read that one must persevere and have unwavering determination, especially when you’re bootstrapping; I have to laugh when I read about these” entrepreneurs” that are getting $600k from Dad to get started. Not exactly a determination moment.
But, unless you have it, learn to develop it, or learn how to get it, real entrepreneurship will be elusive. I know I got mine from an older brother who told me that I was never going to be much. This was my motivation for a long time and I was able to pretty well going at just 70% speed.
So I can’t wait to see what I can accomplish going 100%, regardless of the age number a young and inquisitive mind always is open to new adventures. This is mine.
As the expression goes, your future is now. Enjoy your ride, buckle in.It can and will get bumpy, hang in there. Best of Luck

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